Call For Participation

Concerns about information privacy and security have become serious obstacles that are preventing valuable user data from being used in IR research. In particular, privacy concerns have blocked access to search query logs, social media, session analysis, and medical records. This, despite the fact that online social networks and the growing popularity of digital communication means that more and more information about individuals is becoming available on the Internet.

Moreover, publicly accessible and potentially sensitive data can lead to abuse and expose users to stalking and identity theft. User privacy is at risk whenever owners of publicly available network resources can be traced and recorded, and their user activities can be mined and inferred. The digital ecosystem involves not only such threats to personal privacy but also promising cures.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from both the security and privacy community and IR community to provide solutions for these problems.  Our workshop includes activities such as paper presentations, poster sessions, multiple panel discussions, and social events. The panels will be organized under three major themes:

  • differential privacy and IR dataset release
  • privacy in search and browsing, and
  • privacy in social media

Our workshop welcomes submissions on topics including but not limited to:

  • Differential Privacy for Information Retrieval
  • Query log anonymization
  • IR dataset release
  • Privacy preserving search/browsing
  • Privacy in social media, microblog, and people search
  • Evaluation for privacy-preserving IR
  • Leak of sensitive information in natural languages
  • Privacy in location-based services, recommender systems, and other IR works on mobile app
  • Privacy preserving IR for healthcare and other domains

Thanks and we look forward to your submissions and participation.